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Comment:Atmospheric breakbeat track in the line of the old Orbital days
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Sunbuster:   Very good

hmmm, what to say... I had the pleasure of getting a preview of this tune before it was released. The same thing I said back then to Inge still applies, it's a creepy tune. :) Best described as an lullaby tune with an evil twist. :p
Not many tunes have the abilitie to so completely paint a picture in my head, but this one succeded in painting the following:

a moonlit children's room. A child (2-3 years old) that can't sleep because the mind plays evil tricks on it. The house is all quiet. The child looks at evil looking teddy bears and toy soldiers that seem to plot an attack. One of those "mobile"-toys that often hang from the ceiling above a babys bed, casts evil shadows on the wall as it moves in the airdraft. Some thin white curtains hang in front of the window, and on them a shadow from a treebranch is formed so that it looks like a monster with huge teeth. The puppet on the bookshelf, that looked so nice in daylight, now looks as if it's going to eat the child as a midnight snack...

Production wise, I've got only one thing I'd like to have altered, and that is the panning of the snare. As it is placed now, the mix sounds a bit right-shifted when all drums play. Other than that, I can't find anything wrong with this tune. I doubt I can clarify more by explaining, I'll simply say "get this tune, now!"

btw. Use speakers that can play low frequencies well, for maximum enjoyment ;)


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