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Title:White Rose
Author:Eternal Engine
Genre:Pop, New Age
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Holger:   Very good

Begins a little bit like russian ;-)
Do you remember to the old action-game Turrican?
Sounds very good.
This music is good for an action-game I think.

Also great work that rocks.
This man knows how to work with sounds.

DJ Tox:   Very good

I really like the accords in this song. They have this overwhelming effect on me. The combination of classic piano and synthesizer strings is great. But the melody is being played too much. There is little variation in the patterns. None the less it is a perfect number. :D

Luis Pinto aka ciper aka DjLP:   Very good

What a beautiful song .. ;) great mix of synth sounds with the piano .. great chords, very very nice to listen to!! Nothing more i can tell you about it ... just perfect!!!

Firebird:   Very good

OMG!!!! this is really great work!!! such a great masterpiece, i can be really good if the songs were stays a bit longer... great art of work

PS: He IS a russian :)

BTW: this song is win 1st place in one of the madtracker compo

Flethuseo:   Very good

Very nice song, I instantly liked it once I heard it.

Nukleairo:   Very good

Waw! I love it!
I want another musics of you XD

Rev. Jack Straw:   Very good

All I could think about listening to this was my old Alphaville album. Technically flawless. Definitely old school ala about 1984. Fun track.

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