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Title:Stargaze (Extended)
Author:Future Tribe
Genre:Melodic Trance, Progressive Trance
Comment:Future Tribe a.k.a. DJ MP :)
Size:959 KB

Sunbuster:   Good

Liked the beginning of the tune. Reminded me of tunes from the beginning of the 90's. This one almost can be classed as hardtrance I think...yes hard trance, definetly more than prog trance. Full of energy all the way through.

The first basskick came a bit as a surprise, maybe something a bit more evident to smooth it in would be good.
After about 3:40, when that ahh sound enters, I think the other synths are a bit too loud. They pretty much eat up the "ahh". I general also I think the synths are a bit too loud compared to the other instruments.

That break at about 7 minutes was a interesting twist :) I also like the bassline in this tune, has a very driving force in itself. The instruments are well placed in the stereofield. Perhaps the hihats could use a bit more panning. A bit too much reverb I'd say, the synths tend to float into each other, leaving a pretty messy soundfield.

In general, I'd say you here have about 9:30 minutes of quality trance. Nothing overly original, but nothing that get's forgotten right away either. Good work!


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