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Title:Floor Doctor
Comment:Floor doctor si in the house, oh yes.... ;p
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Andy:   Can do better

House music really isn't dead is it.. Problem with this track is that it incorporates far too many aspects of house music. Breaks, D&B bassline, Old Skool "yeah-hhay", Trance melodies - Same old same old.

In principle, the track is Ok.. it works if you like this sort of stuff.

Two small problems with it :-

1) The kick disappears during the track. A better kick would help.

2) There seems to be a lot of clashing melodies. Im not sure if they were left in my mistake or intentional. It sounds like someone is mising 2 x 12" (badly) ?

0:40 & 1:35 & 1:48 for example.

Ok track, could do better.

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