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Title:Touched By Nature
Author:Future Tribe
Genre:Hardcore, Hard Trance
Comment:drivin beats & wicked synths! plz comment :)
Size:278 KB

Qbical:   Bad

I must say when I downloaded this song and when it started playing my hopes wheren't realy high, a simple basic beat, I already imagined a basic simple melody in my head common to much hard-house tracks these days.

But, Future tribe proved me comepletely wrong, the moment the melody starts to build up the drums begin to flurish aswell, great work!

The only negative things I could find, is the build-up, as I said it realy didn't make me want to listen...
And a simple mixing thing, your kick seems to be fased out by the bass sound, you could give your kick more of a punch by apying a compressor over it in a sound editor, this will remedy it I think.

the rest of the samples are of good quality, realy peeps take a listen!

MusiJunkie:   Bad

Hmmm, in one way I go with Qbical: the build-up - since the moment the melody starts ;) - is definitely respectable. But as a supporter of various melody parts I must criticize the low range of harmonies (there are only 3!) the song has been based on. Yo, you can say: hey, it's trance, doesn't need much harmonic shapes! But it would make it more exciting. Excite the people and bring something new to them! They'll like it ... me too! ;-)

Big Mo:   Bad

Now this is a nice hardcore tune with a loud punching beat and nice synth melodies. It has a nice build up, drums and melodies are coming in slowly. The beat really has got energy.
Length of the track is 9:14, but it doesn't get repetitive at all. There's a pretty big part where no beat is used and more atmospheric synths and nice melodies are playing. The song has several themes which all blend in very well in the song.

The track has got some flaws which could have been prevented.

- Some samples have a really bad quality. The main beat (instrument 04) has much noise on it and sounds crappy. In the middle of the song this isn't noticed any more, but especially in the beginning and the end the bad quality is heard. Instrument 0F is very noisy, has clicks and is looped badly, which is . Most of the other samples are also 8 bit, but this can't be noticed in the song. You should have increased the file size a bit (MT2's smaller than 1Mb are rare).
- In the last patterns only the bassline stays with no other percussion. This I dislike because it's hard to 'stay in the beat', so you never know exactly when the song ends. You could have added some minimalistic percussion there, or ending the song a bit earlier.
- The bassline is a bit too loud, or perhaps too dark. In the middle of the song, it even seems to be louder than the main beat. You could raise the volume of the higher bassline a bit and drop the one of the lower. Or you could filter out some of the lower frequencies of the sample you use.
- You seem not to use the automation at all. This would have given a more gliding effect (especially in patterns 12 and 13) and gives you more control over the effects. Also, you could start using the faders of the mixer to increase or decrease volume of the individual channels.
- Effects are used well, but in my opinion you could have used some more reverb, for example on the clap sound. This gives a more real feeling to the percussion and a better quality, especially to the clap sound which has a strange change of volume because the reverb part is looped in the sample. There's also used too much variable panning on the Clap sound.
- Panning is used well, but you could have used more stereo samples, or pretending stereo by pitching a sample a bit higher and panning it maximum left, and panning the original sound maximum right.

I've rated this song to 'Good' because of the nice melodies and synths. The use of better quality samples would have had me rating it to 'Very Good'.

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