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Title:Jungle Moods
Genre:Drum N' Bass, Breakbeat/Breaks
Comment:Chilled out, bleepy + almost jazzy D&B...
Size:341 KB

Inge:   Good

Despite Mikx's comment in the module, I didn't use any whiskey while listening, nor was it sunday-night. Still I think I'm capable of reviewing this song objective enough to give it any validity.

Minimalistic seems to be the keyword for this song. Only 15 channels and nine samples were used to create this little drum 'n bass tune, and that's it what makes the song this dry but characteristic. Drums are build up by only a standard amen-alike set of samples, and the musical spectrum is filled by a bassline, an electro-synth and some thin strings. Nothing more, nothing less.

The general feeling of the song is nice. I enjoy the melodies made with the electro-synth and the thin strings, and without any significant difficulties the song flows into my perception. As with most atmospheric, laid back drum 'n bass, the song doesn't have a clear identity, so there's little need to work on that.

The downsides on the tune can be found in several elements. The first thing that starts annoying me after some looping is the drumset used. I would have preferred a less appearant and more subtle drumkit. The most easy way to get access to infinite drum sounds it to visit drum 'n bass forums and search for 'classic' drumloops. You can easily proces them in your wave editor, and then chop them into individual samples with Recycle. This method provides you with a rather unique drumkit (since you did the processing yourself), and it gives a huge pool of potential drumsounds. Second downside is the bassline. This bassline is transposed every 4th pattern, and this 4th pattern seems out of harmony. It sounds like it was mis-programmed or detuned. Third and last is the dry and minimalistic setting of the song, although that is rather subjective. I would have enjoyed a version that was almost just as minimalistic, but with subtle and minor additions, such as additional snares and other percussions besides the woodblck, 'cute' little fx, and maybe an additional string for the higher regions of the eq-spectrum.

Conclusion: a nice experiment on minimalistics, with a positive result. The song is doing its fifth loop now on my computer, and the lead melody keeps amazing me.


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