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Title:Little Things
Genre:Down Tempo, Lounge
Comment:Just chill
Size:4500 KB

Sunbuster:   Very good

Yep, it's cool, it's weird, it's Qbical. He once again uses his trademark of combining seemingly weird notes and melodies and making them work togheter.

The beat is groovy and well laid out. The only complaint I have about it is that it is a bit too centered, which in turn makes the tune loose some depth. In general also I think more panning should have been used on the various instruments. As it is now, all instruments more or less seem to come from the same place.

The tune has vocal samples! weee! I'm sure that some of you now think "bah, vocals, probably only some chick saying: oh yeah! little things, yeah!". Ok, we're not talking 200 words in text lenght here, but the vocals actually have a message, and the background melodies do everything to back them up. I recognize the text (I think at least), so I doubt it's QBical himself that talks here, or he himself who has recorded this with someone (correct me if I'm wrong ;) ). Therefore, thumbs up for being able to use these vocals in such a way that they seem as if they'd been recorded with this tune in mind. They fit, and they fit well.

Other than those panning issues, I don't find anything wrong with this tune, productionwise at least. If you download this, and don't like it, well, it's a matter of taste. I highly recommend this one to anyone that even remotely likes chilled music.

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