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Genre:Electronic, Down Tempo
Comment:My first song submitted to this site!
Size:5693 KB

Sunbuster:   Good

Not often one sees submittions into the electronic, down tempo categories. This is a nice tune, well worth the download, but it has a few flaws which I'll get back too later.

I like the soft feeling of this tune. I credit that to the pads and the warm bassguitar used. Which reminds me, make sure you're listening on a speakersystem with a decent low-end. Otherwise you'll miss all the warmth the bass gives. The tune has a pretty simple structure, which IMO further enhances the chilled downtempo feeling of the track. Plusses for the sample selection, and also for the implementation of madtracker fx.

To the not so good parts then. The drums are a bit degraded by the simple and very usual way the snare and especially the kick is programmed. It's the most basic beats, the first beat you're tought if you enter a music class. The snare is fine like it is, considering it's a down tempo tune. But the kick needs more variation, simply by adding a couple of hits here and there. The percussions on the other hand are good, work well with the rest of the song.
The melody loop that is played with instr. 06 is cool, but it's a bit too repetitive to be center stage for so long as it is now. Maybe changing the lead instrument for a while, or adding some submelodies to the mix could do wonders (I think a piccolo flute or similar could easily be added with success).
Another thing about this tune, even though it conveys a warm feeling, it still somehow sounds empty. If you add some more atmospheric fx (bird chirp, waves, whale sounds or something), or add a submelody like I said, I think we could have a whole different ball game here.

Overall, a nice one. Good work, but needs more details. But definetly worth the download. The issues I pointed out took it down to the state that I had a hard time deciding wether to give a "Good" or an "Average". I decided to go for Good, because I'm in a good mood today =P I could see this one being played on a private beach party.

Rob:   Very good

This is one of my favourite mods of all time, this was also one of the first mods I ever downloaded.
It is such a 'feel good' song, i think that music is all about emotion, and this tune is emotive. The pads are brillient, they are very warm sounding, also with a nice sub the baseline is very cool, after reading sunbusters review I did get a bit anoyed at the drums, but that could be attributed to the fact that I've given the tune such a thrashing.
In comparision to alot of the chillout shit being put on all the compilations this is to par if not better.
What can I say, I've listened to this more than Groove Armadas "AT THE RIVER."

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