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Title:Summer Wave (Midnight Uncut)
Author:Future Tribe
Comment:Pure hi-nrg trance! Plz comment ;) Thanks!
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em22:   Average

Trance hey?!

The thing is with trance trakcs is that there is now so much knocking about, you really have to create something with an original streak, if not an your going for the melodic dream trance you really have to perfect the synth sound that can make you weep with it's beauty.

I'm listening now, and the breakdown patterns 15,16,17,18,19 sound awesome with a true euphoric feeling, but the switch back into the beat is a little weak and doesn't really give the feeling The track is intended to.

The sounds are all correctly chosen allthough they do seem a little bit too raw on the ears when everything is crammed into the spectrum, almost a a little overpowering, possibly needs some mixer adjustments.

All in all an average trance track that just doesn't make it into being a track that you would easily remember.

Saying that, I do believe with some more instrument tweaking Dave Pearce would probably give this a spin or too.

Nice chords FT. Keep it up.

Dave Saphier

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