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Title:Kickass partymusic
Genre:Classical, Piano
Comment:This one takes partying to new dimensions
Size:7060 KB

em22:   Average

Kick ass party music is certainly not the flavour of this track, its a piano piece infact.

Its fairly well tracked with delays trying to engineer the ntaural piano key moevements of a real pianist, all though some seem to be in the wrong place, and makes the track sound like its just being played by someone who is not an acomplished pianist, I am saying that if the work is tracked, then the result should sound perfect, not that the author should be a pianist, don't get mixed up there.

The track swings in and out of little melodies, but to be honest I've heard a lot better style of track, such as Old England by Dr Awesome, and also the fabulous Guitar & Flute by the same. You need a strong melody to keep the listener wanting to hear the track again. I know it can work, as I still listen to the two tracks mentioned above to this day, and they were tracked in Protracker on the Amiga.

I would assume that with more Tracking experience, vfgdfg (nice name), will be able to do a little bit more to make the track everlasting, as far as modules on my harddrive anyway.

Nice work.

Dave Saphier

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