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Genre:Trance, Dance
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em22:   Bad

Okay be constructive.

The intro fooled me into thinking I was expecting something rather good here, but as soon as it kicked in on position 4 I knee-jerked for the stop button, but I let it run anyway.

There a few problems, the sounds dont gell, it sounds like two tracks playing over each other, the bass is really muggy with the synths doing what seems like improvisation, the guitar is not effected enough and sticks out like, well an uneffected sample. The piano sample (07) sounds like it as taken straight from klisje parr klisje (if thats right!) and doesnt add anything to the track.

I understand that no everybody is a skilled musician, but there areas in this track which seemed to have been neglected, maybe it was edging for a new genre, or a new sound - whatever the idea - it doesnt work. I cant see anyone really keeping this track on their hd for any length of time.

Basically the melodies dont gel because of the samples, the notes seems to be flying up and down from all instruments.

Sorry, but this is a bad track. Pattern 19 is a small view of what could have been worked on, the other elements create a poor listening expereince, harsh I know - but would you put this on a CD Synop and play it to anyone proclaiming it was finished? No, neither would I. I am wondering wether Synop rushed to finish this one, if so it shows.

Maybe this is the style in Romania, but it certainly isnt going to catch on here.



vfgdfg:   Good

Ok, doing this "review" for some proper justice, I'm not sure if em22 understands that it's homemade shit we have here, not everything can be perfect and not everybody can be pleased with everything. Everyone have their own unique musical tastes. I understand that if your song is just plain bad, useless piece of crap you should not submit it. This certainly isn't the case here.
To me this song seems quite skillfully composed and I personally like it and hardly find anything wrong with it. The melodies are quite cool even if they don't follow your average (s)hit-song pattern.
I wouldn't mind hearing this on CD. It doesn't sound unfinished to me either.
I can't hear "two tracks playing over each other".
Piano sample adds piano to the song.

I would say keep it up Synop, nice work!

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