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Title:Source of light
Genre:House, Deep House
Comment:For homelistening...genres might not be quite right
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QBical:   Very good

Source of light, strange...

While listening to this track the sun is going down and the sky is turning from orange to purple, this after a perfect day in the sun with lots of great people.

This track realy continues on the emotion I had all day, and I rarely feel that in tracks.
Futhermore the laid back feeling of the track is just very well done, nothing is to loud or standing out in the mix, it's all one breath of fresh air!

The melody in tracks 15/16 is simple but VERY efficient, and I realy like the way the strings are present but yet not, if you catch my drift...
They are playing almost constantly but never stand out yet they fill up the entire track.

So is there nothing bad to find in this track?

Well, personaly I think that some percussion, maby a conga loop or something would have added to the laid back, summer mood. And maby the kick could use some eq'ing or some compression in anther program, now it sounds a bit muddy, maby you can cut something around 200 HZ, this will give it a bit more precence and will clean up a bit of the muddy sounds, or you could try cutting the very sub-bass sounds around 20-50 HZ and then aplying some compression to make it more stand out.

But other than that, a perfect track!

Keep it up!


Raymond:   Very good

As you say : Maybe not a floorfiller, but works perplectly 2 chill out to.. Or just enjoy in the couch :)

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