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Title:On top of the world ( edit )
Genre:Techno, Melodic Trance
Comment:Melodic funky techno
Size:2470 KB
File:qbical - On top of the world.MT2

Henry:   Very good

Qbical: On Top of the World

This tune, despite its simplistic melody lines, seems representative of
the genre of techno/dance/pop, similar in style and genre to some of the
tunes found in the Mortal Kombat soundtrack. I found the listen to be
enjoyable, and the beat to be addictive, as I do with many of this genre.
The layering of percussion and melody lines is intriguing and quite well
done. Sample selection works well for this piece.

The only drawback I find to this piece is its slow start. Although the
tempo does not vary, the opening rifs to seem to drone on for a bit.
I personally would have had the intro end at pattern 05 rather than 09, and
perhaps have 09 work into the layering a little more smoothly. Patterns
0A--OD could have a couple removed without great effect upon the overall
tune, however once the layering gets started at around 0E or 10, I am
thouroughly involved in the song and enjoying it greatly.

The ending rifs work quite well, although I personally am preferential to
a strong, layered ending rather than a delayering towards the end.

Overall, I find this tune to be of excellent quality.

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