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Title:Little Things (mikx Re-mikx)
Genre:Drum N' Bass, Breakbeat/Breaks
Comment:Remix of QBical's chillout breaks explosion...
Size:1650 KB

Sunbuster:   Good

mikx provides us with an up-beat interpretation of QBical - Little things. It says in the song message that not much is left of the original, and I have to agree. When listening to this one, I don't hear much of "Little things". I had to listen to both the original and the remix several times in order to find the similarities. I'm glad to report that they are there, but well hidden =)

Ok, the production then. The beatprogramming is good, and it should be, seing as this is a DnB track. Perhaps a bit more variation to the beats could enhance them further, but, it's DnB :) I would have liked more panning on the drums though. They now seem to be more or less centered. Some of the drumsamples are in stereo, which does helps a bit, but still I'd want them further out in the stereofield, at least the hihats. Otherwise the instruments are well placed and work well togheter. But the tune does sound a bit empty from time to time. I don't know, maybe it's intentional, maybe not. But, I would at least experiment with adding something to the lower mid-end of the spectrum. Perhaps some rhodes or similar.

Not much more to say. I had an internal battle over whether to rate it Good or Very good. I ended up at Good because, well, I think since it's called a remix it should be a bit easier to recognize the parts from the original that it is now. This, plus the panning and emptiness issues led the Good side to a very close victory. Still, the tune is well worth the download, and it would probably work well in clubs also. It has the energy, but it's the little things that don't quite deliver.

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