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Thommie:   Good

Tha basslines, drums and the applied stuff to complete the soundscape is very good. However the "string" that goes thru the entire song might have a bad quality sample(my own opinion) replace it with an echoing string that can be overlayed when changing notes.

Keep up the good work.

Sunbuster:   Can do better

A pretty simple background structure, with some "solo" playings on top. The tune has some decent energy in it, mostly I credit that to the way instr02. and the basskick is used. That bassline is good, has some definet potential. The lead melody is pretty nice also.

Sadly, what this tune mostly falls on is the simplicity of the background sounds. It's the same two patterns through the 3 minute song. It's not often something get's boring in only three minutes, but here the background really starts to annoy halfway through the song. Especially the melody that is played with instr01. I'm not an expert in experimental music, but I believe that with a background melody this simple, the big guys compensate with fx, and a lot of it.

Another issue is the snare, it's too weak compared to the rest of the tune. Sounds like a cheap 80's disco snare. A sample with more low end, more punch would be better suited I think.

you need to work on the mixing also. Instrument 0A for instance, when it plays, is way too dominant, especially on track 8. It almost completely drowns out instrumet 08 when it plays.

Overall, the tune needs more attention to details. If you insist on using these simple backgrounds you must keep in mind that they get boring quickly. It's not enough that the lead melody changes over time (which is one of the positive aspects with this tune). The background needs variations also. Or there needs to be some other things that create variations, often done with FX.

Keep practicing! :)

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