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Title:Trance Megamix
Genre:Melodic Trance, Progressive Trance
Comment:A megamix of 11 trance songs (originals & rmxs) Length: 30'
Size:11300 KB

P.i.R.h.o.:   Good

I have listened to the song in pieces, i'll explain why after this:
I immediately found the list of songs (Deedee, Push, ...) very impressive, and the mixes are cleanly done!

The problem with this one is:
I've got an Athlon 1.2 Ghz with 512 MB ram. I use Sblive, and no matter what settings I used, madtracker stopped at 2:27

I'm not saying it's Yannick's fault, nor am I blaming you. I'm just wondering if there are people able to play this song too (like yourself obviously)...

Sunbuster:   Good

A megamix, long time since I last heard one of these =) Listening to it, I can certainly appreciate the amount of work that must go into this (I tried a megamix myself once also, didn't work out that well). The individual pieces are well done, have a typical trance feel. I especially liked the Groove Solution - Magic Melody (LtG remix) and the Push - Universal Nation (LtG remix) part, both could have been a bit longer though ;)
A DJ wouldn't be too happy about the mixing though, even though the tracks are beatsynced obviously :) The changes in speed are a bit too obvious to be really enjoyable. I might have considered a different order for the tracks, trying to get tracks with similar speed to play after each other, and increasing speed over time. Anyway, like said, the tracks individually stand the test well. Don't find anything wrong with the mixing there. Instruments seem to be of good quality and even though the samples are of variating quality, the difference isn't audible, and there's no annoying sound standing out of the crowd.

One thing though, listeners be warned! Like P.i.R.h.o. also noticed, this piece is a bit of a resource hog, even though there aren't that many channel fx's playing. I did manage to get it to play through on my 900MHz Athlon T-bird with 384MB ram and Aureal Vortex SQD soundcard, after disabling 16bit sound, high-Q filters and interpolation. But it still crackled from time to time.

- Good mix in the individual tracks
- tracks have a good energy
- It's a megamix, if you've never heard one, this is a pretty good place to start

- Track order, now it shifts too much from slow to fast and vice versa
- the "DJ" mixing part is a bit too harsh
- Resource hog
- Most tunes sound similar to each other, there's no real sence of going somewhere, it's just one track after the other. Think of real DJ mixes, like DJ Tiesto - Magik 7, that take you on a journey. This one just takes you from one stop to the next. Ok, I realize this wasn't meant to be a DJ mix as such, but still, some more thought in the order of the tracks and the track selection could have been nice.

Overall, a nice piece of work

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