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Title:blue court
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mikx:   Very good

Since Thomas' 2000 compo entry, the deep and jazzy "Green Court", i've been hanging to hear more mt2's from him, so with no doubt, my eyes lit up when i saw another 'court' listed new in the music section..

'Blue Court' is an uptempo house track that starts off fairly chilled out- sort of like fast deep house, but then in the middle a sample comes in immediately turning everything around into funk.

mind you, that vocal is stylishly blended in with the rest of the groove.

the beat is also very cool, very typical to house back in the mid nineties, with a bassline that i have found to _maybe_ be typical to thomas' style, because it has a similar sound to Green Court.

just a second ago i was looking for any minor erros and i really can't find anything to complain about, except maybe the mixdown2 synth used at the first break, which in my opinion doesn't fit the track so well. maybe if it was a little softer?

but overall, this is a track to keep. i'd love to hear this on 12" one day in a record shop- and with a funked out happy flipside too!

good work tom!! :)


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