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Title:The Edge of Heaven - Rmx
Genre:Trance, Trance
Comment:Nice to be heard at high volume levels
Size:809 KB

SlicerXXL:   Good

This song is a bit of a 'rave like' trance song with a heavy base that nearly blew up my speakers (glad I bought good ones recently). It had a good use of effect and stereo features so it gave me a real 'surround feeling'.

It raises a bit above other songs in it's genre. This is because it's beat and soft synths really fit together. The best idea of the song is a pretty easy one I think, because after 3:15 the music started to pitch up! I liked that one. It keeped the song from being boring and repetitive.

Unfortately, after this nice pitching, the song just ended by decreasing the volume. I find this a bit out-dated. I want an end! :) Deconstruct this song and create an end for it. It will definately help this song to give it a more professional 'feeling'. :)

The main tune feels a bit simple, altough I must say that this undoubtedly is normal in it's genre. The bass background fits well to the main theme, but it feels a bit 'plain and easy' all together with the synths. Maybe it helps to edit these samples and give it a deeper / darker bass background.

Anyway. Nice going! I like this song and it's definately interesting. I look forward hearing more songs of you! Adjust the song with some minor improvements and you will have a 'very good' rating from me. ;)

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