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Genre:Breakbeat/Breaks, Electronic
Comment:does the name mean anything?
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SlicerXXL:   Average

This remix of the song 'Calling' is a bit better than the original. Again it reminded me of Minimal Music and again I thought that this song was sounding a bit too random, but of course this is the style of Minimal Music.

I didn't like the song, but thought that the breaks made the song better than the original. That's why I gave this song it's average rating. Also, I liked the way the song ended. Still, there's no sub base behind this song and I think this could be a nice addition to this song. Nevertheless, you made the original better with this remix. Another remix will probably take this song to a 'good' rating. So, keep on tracking.

brian botkiller:   Very good

Firstly, this is not a minimal song. Minimal requires that the sound be minimal, I.E., there is not much percussion, and it is based mostly on melody. This is not a minimal track.

It is unfair to say that this song is "random". Perhaps you prefer the predictable sound of BT? Perhaps Mastema should sound like filtered disco house in order to please you? Get over it. Electronic music, thankfully, does not follow the usual constraints of pop music... unless, of course, we're talking about crap that is made to be predictable.

Now, onto what this should be use for anyway; constructive criticisim!

"Calling" is reminicient of Orbital, as much of Mastema's work is. Breaky, ambient, seemingly in the distance yet reminding us of it's presence each time Mastema's unique percussive style snaps us back to reality. The lo-fi synths mixed with tribal and d&b percussion add an ambient feel to the sound. I enjoy the percussion, I believe that it could use a bit more compression, but it has a breaky style to it that is quite fitting. The breakdown is perfect for the dancefloor.

Overall, a great song.

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