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Genre:Electronic, Electronic
Comment:not the remix
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SlicerXXL:   Can do better

'Minimal' music with a beat behind it. That's the best way to describe this song. It's very original music and I haven't heard this kind of music in years. But, to say that I really liked listening to this song... Well.. not really. You've created a song that would only be liked from a select group of people. If you really wanted to create something different than you've succeeded. Unfortunately, the song sounded very messy in my ears. There was a main theme in it. But the theme seemed a bit at random to me.

From my opinion it should be best to clean up this song a bit. Slow it down to 115 BPM to begin with. Then change the song to your liking. Bring some more variation in it and turn off line 30,31,32 a bit more. What I also missed was a deep base to support your music. Adding that would also give this song what it needs to become an average song in my ears. If this will ever be a very good song? I doubt it...

I'd recommend you to leave this song what it is and try again to create a song that is original and still doesn't sound mostly 'the summary of randomly using sounds'. I'd be grateful if you'd send me a mail if you've created this (new) song of yours and I'd love to review it again.

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