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Title:Together Alone
Author:Future Tribe
Genre:Melodic Trance, Dance
Comment:some oldschool trance - flowing synths & hard hitting beat...
Size:1095 KB

SlicerXXL:   Good

First of all I must admit that I liked your song and it's length. It seemed to me that you've spend a lot of time on creating this song, and that's really a good thing. (I am often too lazy to take the time to finish my songs and remix them, so I really admire that)

At first I thought te song the song was a bit standard. I reconized the beat and the simplicity of the base, but that doesn't have to be a bad thing. After 2:56 the theme started and I must say that I was very much surprised. You used great strings and nice combinations to create this theme and especially till 3:58 I started to move my feet a little bit :).

Unfortunately, the theme is repeated far too often after 3:58. There is hardly any variation in it, except for the use of some MT2 effects, which you can handle very well. Why not try to change the theme halfway and put some extra 'more powerful' effects (sounds of thunder / lightning) to create the feeling you're really in the middle of something huge..

I must say that you've created a great song, but it's not very progressive and the sounds are a bit standard. With other words: 'You don't seem to have the need to create something that hasn't been done before?'. Atough this song is a bit standard, it's a good one in it's genre. I liked the use effects (as always) and I liked the used sounds. Unfortunately I think this song needs a bit more variation (in the theme of the song) to stand out from other songs in it's genre. Maybe you could add a singer? That would definately give this song the extra punch it needs.

CamBomB:   Very good

In my opinion this song was put together really well. I wouldn't really call it a dance song though. You have alot of good songs out there and this just adds to your collection of top quality music. I really haven't anything bad to say about this song. All i have to say is good job!

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