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Author:Snake Plissken
Genre:Classical, Easy Listening
Size:573 KB

SlicerXXL:   Average

When listening to this song I got the feeling you wanted to create some kind of Childrens 'go to sleep' song. If that's the case you succeeded a bit, altough I must say that the overall melody is a bit to easy and repetitive. Every pattern has just a minor change in melody, but the overall feeling of the song is the same in every pattern.

The song is also too often chopped off (on nearly every position 48 / 12 of each track), if you know what I mean. Why is that? Maybe you could continue the overall melody a bit and make it slightly longer. This will make your song's sound less repetitive.

I must admit that the more you listen to it the more you like it, but it's not really a peace of work that I will listen to every day. Nice work on the effects though. If you really want to continue working on this song, I'd recommend you to put a singing voice of a lady behind. Very dreamy voice is needed here. :) Keep trying ;).

DJ Tox:   Very good

So much creativity, with so little samples! You must have a very musical ear to make such a beatiful song with only 4 samples. If you know the game "the 7th Guest", this song would perfecty fit in the soundtrack. The panning and volume is great, used a lot. Although the melody is repeated many times, I still think this is a great song.

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