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Title:I ricordi del coure (remix)
Author:Snake Plissken
Genre:Classical, Romantic
Comment:second remix
Size:1025 KB

SlicerXXL:   Average

I think this song is a very strange one. On one hand the idea is great, some of the sounds fit together very well, but other combinations seem a bit at random to me. Maybe it could be a good thing when you think longer about the combination of sounds and riddles. Sit behind your midi-keyboard (if you have one) and try to think what fits the background best instead of trying several combinations. Try to play these combinations first and listen to them afterwards. I think this could be a real eye-opener for you, because your music sure has several good points.

The background has a steady tune which is repeated a bit too often if I may say so. There's not a real twist in the background to make it stand out of the others. Nevertheless I assume you experiment a lot with Madtracker and I have the feeling you are on the right track of becoming a great online MT2 artist :). Also a compliment for the use of MT2 effects. Personally, I use them to little, but you showed me that sometimes these are evident.

D'mitri:   Average

Nice atmospheric tune. It sounds good, but I think the sample quality was too low. A little too much distortion

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