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Title:Atari 2004 Extended
Genre:Chiptune, Electronica
Comment:This is my Atari song composed of Atari Samples
Size:900 KB

Sunbuster:   Average

ok, so we have a chiptune here. Somehow sounds like a danced up version of gamemusic, perhaps that was the idea. I think what best describes this tune is a collection of somewhat weird melodies working togheter, played with chip instruments.

I like the interaction the melody played in channels 06 and 07 has with the kick. Gives the track a sort of bouncy feeling. Also, the panning is pretty good here. Even though some instruments perhaps end up pretty far out, it works.

Then we have what I guess you could call the lead, played in channels 10 and 11. Here I think the stereo delay messes things up a bit. The problem is that when the delays hit on the same line a new instance of the same note is triggered on, you get an amplified note. For instance, say C-4 triggers the delay first, then on the exact same moment the delay hits, C-4 is triggered again. This causes the lead to sometimes be a lot louder than the other instruments. A not so present delay might help on that, so try lowering the depth of it. Or alternatively only activate the delay when the pattern doesn't play repeated notes.

The kick pattern is a bit repetitive, perhaps you could spice it up a bit sometimes? add some extra hits here and there.

In general I think the tune is perhaps a bit too long for it's own good. If it would have ended around the 3 minute marker it would have been suitable I think.

Overall it's a nice listen, but nothing revolutionary. There are better chiptunes out there, but there certainly are worse also. So thank's for the memory ride :)

snarkle:   Very good

This tune is great. It's weird though, not like any module I've heard (or any other tune for that matter!) Daring use of sounds, rhythms, panning, and reverb but it all works well. Actually it's kind of relaxing to listen to. From position 1F it gets heavier but I like this section as well, in a different way. And the samples themselves are excellent.


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