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Title:Dream One
Genre:New Age, Ambient
Size:1574 KB

emmanuel:   Very good

There isn't much to say! This is Excellent! I played this mod over and over again many dozen times. The only minor thing I'd prefer to change is your "sd0010.pat" kind of kick. I don't like it too much. But anyway this is just an awesome piece of music! Congrats.

c-frog:   Good

Nice song. But I would have preferred that you checked through the levels in the mix one more time before you released it. Also, the special features of MT2 isn't really used that much. Nice work anyway!

Keep it up!


Peter Toth:   Good

When a tracked tune does not sound tracked, it is 'good' by my standards... basically anyway.

and this tune comes close...
especially with the singing added...
what gives it away as being a mod is some of the drumming, and the choir sample... but it's still ok, and VERY nice. I would have wanted to burn it to cd, but... (non-exportable)

I'd be proud of it myself.


-M-o-V-A-J-:   Very good

Very good song, without any doubt.

Good "instrumental" voices, which are really good working using MpReverb.
I like so much the pizzicatto sound, so I enjoy with the instruments nš9,nš16 & nš18.

It's a pity that song is a fasttracker file converted in madtracker file.
At any rate, good work.


mrkriss:   Very good

Great track, I like that kind of noises :)
One thing I would like prefer to be more clear is echo - deeper, longer - especially with vocal voice, and I think it should be little louder.
Beautiful creation!

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