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Title:No Control(Hard Dub Mix)
Author:Project E
Genre:Trance, Progressive Trance
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File:Project E - No Control (Hard Dub Mix).MT2

Elijah:   Very good

I think this song is very well made.. all the instruments are in tune and nothing clashes badly. the only thing i can pick on is the clipping

you need to lower your levels a bit... but other than that. its all good

Sunbuster:   Average

In general, the theme of the track is good, if you like the mainstream sound of over-the-top trance strings. Not a lot of originality in this track, has the typical sound in almost every aspect.

The drumprogramming is good, appart from the leftpanned basskick. The hihats especially have a nice hectic flow, which gives the track energy and drive. I didn't like the basskick being placed in the left channel, especially when listening to the track on headphones. I think I see what you tried to do however, having the basskick in one channel and the bassline in the other you'd think they'd balance each other out. However the basskick has such a penetrating sound over the bassline that the overall impression still is that the track is louder on the left channel. I'd leave both the basskick and the bassline in the center, and instead work the hihats a bit more to give the tune width. Otherwise the panning was pretty well handled, with instruments being placed around the stereofield and not just in the center.

In pattern 06-09 there's something weird going on with the basskick, it seems to be cancelled out by some other instruments at the end of each pattern. Not sure what causes this, but I think the strings have something to do with it.

After the break the leads pretty much drown out the basskick, in other words, either the leads have too much volume, or the basskick has too little.
Overall, the tune had pretty good energy, but had a very simple and regular structure. Nothing revolutionary, but would it play in a club you'd probably be dancing to it anyway. Only problem is that it probably wouldn't be used in a club, since it so short. It could have been developed a bit more, using submelodies, longer breaks etc.

Look into the panning of the kick and bassline, look into whatever is happening with the kick in patterns 06-09, sort out some of the levels and you'll have yourself a pretty decent trance tune.

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