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Title:Peace in your eyes
Genre:Easy Listening, Alternative Hip Hop
Size:1014 KB

SlicerXXL:   Good

Mannn! I thought this song was pretty funny ;). Not that I disliked it, I loved it.

The song starts just unbelievable great. Very short start, but powerful. Couldn't have done that better!

The arrangements in this song are great. The sound is alltogether hard to memorize, but that seems to be because of the type of music created. Not that the theme is very hard to be remembered.

The bass tick is very short and fits in perfectly with the rest of the song. A bit more change in bass sample could be no luxury, because if you really focus on the base when listening to this song - it starts to be a bit repetitive.

The beat is a bit to simple for the complex theme that is created. It's just a tick-clap-tick-clap beat which lacked originality.

But... Oohh man.. This song is creative. The artist created something I actually haven't heard before in a tracked song for years. Not bad at all at this point! The strongest points in this song are the melody and feeling. It creates a happy feeling trough a funny melody. Good job on this one too!

The structure is just a bit above average. The song starts in just a few seconds and goes on to the end from this point. Maybe using a bit more of a climax could be an idea. Nevertheless, this is an optional thing, because I think the built up is okay and a bit of required to create that feeling you did.

The quality of this song is also okay. Altough the song isn't very well mixed, the overall combination are good enough to let a person enjoy listening.

Summary: Keep up the good work! I liked your song and think you have the potential to create that one original song that is never heard before, and still is interesting to listen to. You need some practice before getting there, but if you do - you already got one frequent listener (me :) ) Cheers!

TNK:   Very good

Wow ! That's a good one. Superb spanish guitar sounds !

The overall sound is very happy, reminding me the golden age of maF / Silicon & Cocoon's "happy music" era (if you don't know that famous amiga .mod tracker, get his mods as fast as you can, he rules!)

It's a song I have been playing over and over again, and I can't get bored from it. Superb and original work ! I love it !

My hint : Try writing some relaxed and fun lyrics & record them in your song, I'm sure it will then be a song that will be on everyone's lips, from 7 to 77 years old.

Do you have more of it's kind available somewhere ? I want them !!! :-)))

My congrats !


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