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Title:Live Your Life Be Free
Author:phat phace/stormboy
Comment:4x4 House. U Thjink U can right tunez???
Size:2131 KB

dMotion:   Good

If you like commercial dance/house music you should definitely download this track from Stormboy. It's a bit too commercial for my taste but I have to admit it's extremely well tracked and quiet creative.

There are no real innovations but all the classic elements you expect to hear in a respectable dance track are present : female vocals, repetitive synthetic sounds, straight forward 4/4 beat and a dreamy piano melody.

The arrangement and mix are very impressive for a tracked song. Lot's of panning is used, all the levels are right (although, the mixer is untouched) and the sample quality is very good.

There is a downside though, like I said earlier, there are no innovations or surprising elements which makes this track special compared to other tracks of this genre. It just melts into the huge collection of well made, but not very original, dance tracks. One more! This of course, will not bother you if you like the style.

Anyway, thumbs up for the quality tracking.


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