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Title:S.O.S.-Mars Rock-N-Roll
Author:Theodor Haag
Genre:Pop & Rock
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TNK:   Very good

S.O.S - Mars Rock-n-Roll by Theodor Haag - reviewed by TNK

Seems that making it to the 5th place of a MT2 compo draws attention on you, and now Theodor haag's previous song got a review it deserved for far too long.

So what do we have here ? A nice rock song song, with spacey synths & distorded guitars, giving a real sense to it's title, coz this one's definitely Rock'n'Roll music...from Mars ! (Actually it's from Germany, but anyone who has visited Munich's beer festival early in the morning can tell you there are green men in Germany :-) )

The theme is very original and catchy, and such is the production. The only drawback to my ears were some too symplistic synth sounds in the beginning, but that's nothing compared to the diversity this track offers, to it's very skillfully tracked drumline, to it's original melody line, and to some awesome samples (the background chords), some simple but working sax and lotsa others that make this one a must have for any MT freak who wants to show his/her friends that MT2 is not only the perfect tool for electronica but also for many other genre, like...Marsian rock'n'roll !

Great works Theodor !

Best regards,


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