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Genre:Hard Trance
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TNK:   Very good

Artha by Shaoni - reviewed by TNK

Is Benny Benassi now tracking in Madtracker ? It really sounds he were, except that this is not Benny's works but...Shaoni's !

I love the way the 303 filterings are used, combined to a beat that shows that the author knows a lot about drum programming. I wouldn't be surprised if Shaoni were also into DJing.

The sound is sometimes very professional, but sometimes sounds a bit more amiga-tracker alike. The main theme is not bad but that could have been worked out a bit, same goes for the samples used in this melody.

I hesited between giving it a ^^ or a simple ^ rate but seems today is Shaoni's lucky day, and for me, it will be a ^^ rating :-)

If you are into modern trance, get this one, it's definitely worth it. And if Shaoni would turn the samples of the main melody into something a bit harder sounding, I'm sure he'll become Ibiza's next sensation !

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