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Genre:Hard Trance, Melodic Trance
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Alwin Papegaaij:   Good

First of all I like to say you made a good song. It is well put together and immediately it was clear you put a lot of effort in it.

The strings are placed in a way that is often heard, but good. Between the often heard strings your own style comes forward which gives a nice touch to it.

At first the song didn't work at my computer (450 Mhertz) so I looked at the channels. I saw that you use the same effect in channel 9, 10, 13, 14, 15 and 16. The song uses less CPU if you mix these channels with channel 16. (go to 'mixer window' and right click on the button saying 'master' at the bottom of the window. you can choose an channel to mix the current channel with.)

I like the melodie whicht starts on 3:12.
The piano which starts in pattern 0F (position 10) is realy effective but pattern 10 doesn't seems wright to me( channel 17 and 18 the four notes which starts on pos 76.) maybe there is a way to improve this. (this is my opinion).

All that rests me to say is Keep it up, you're doing well.


aRGee:   Average

The song starts of nice, subtle use of percussion and fx. Good sounds quality and nicely panned.
At pattern 03 a nice filtered bassline starts sliding down, Benny Bernassi-style.
At p07 another melodie kicks in supported by strings. I donīt like these strings, they slow down the song and seem out of place.
After that, different melodies are getting layered including a piano. I really donīt like the use of pianoīs in dancemusic unless it is used very subtle in the background. It makes the song sounds cheesy and to cliché.
On top of that it sounds that the melodies donīt really get along with each other at some points.

Good samples, nice beat.
Not so nice melodic part, itīs sounds like the producer could not decide whether this song should by a pumping hardtrance tune or a chilled trance-tune.

Small point: instead of using 2 tracks with the same kick, you could also use 1 track with the volume slider up.


DenkaDe:   Average

The song begins very slow. the longest intro ever.... not fun at all to listen to... maby if it had better inst. thanks and goodbye

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