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Hunt for MrBond Trk5 01

By smartchild

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Sounds like: "hey, isn't this simply On her majesty's secret service by the Proppelerheads?"

-if the melody wasn't stolen from James Bond, then I would personally start a record label to publish this song. Man. This rocks. I think I listened this song almost a hundred times, and my heads keeps nodding. The melodies are beautifully weaven through the beats, and the entire song has *such* a beautiful drive. If I had my driving license, I would travel the highway all day long while listening this tune. And I would nod my head. Constantely.
-Check the bassline. Man. It could be a bit stronger (check out the Propellerheads version when the bassline comes in. now *that* is a musical orgasm, I tell you), but it still is very cool.

-The melody is stolen. Pity that. Furthermore, the Propellerheads did a better remixing job. But this song gets very close. I lowered your points a bit for this point. Or are you also the original writer of the James Bond score? ;)
-The drum programming is too conventional. I'm not saying that the drums are conventional (far from that; anyone programming breaks should get a reward or something), but in the field of breaks your drums are conventional. Some loops might help; a more distinct bassdrum too.
-Some speech might have been nice. It's only music now, and some Sean Connery would not be unwise.

Well, the Bond theme has been worked through numerous times, so I guess it was just a matter of time before it ended up on the screen of a madtracker also. The drumprogramming is pretty cool in this one, nice breakbeatish thing going on. Although I would have liked to see more of it done by hand, instead of by using loops. Overall the mix is pretty good also. There are no instruments that stand out as being too loud, neither any that would be too quiet. Most of the stuff fits togheter well. Sample quality seems to be good also, and I really like the way instrument 17 has been used togheter with the strings, it really gives the tune this whole Bond vibe.
In the way of instruments I've only got one complaint, I wouldn't have used instrument 1B. At least not the way it's used now. As such it's a pretty cool pattern, but more often than not it doesn't fit the rest of the track in my opinion. To leave it out completely would have been better probably.

As a game soundtrack I'm sure this tune could work, however the tune isn't that thrilling to listen to as such. Also, I'm not so sure the Bond theme was the best pic for a compo where one criteria was to be original. The production in itself was good though (apart from that one instrument).

Nice theme, good quality sound, but the drums lack punch.

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