MT2 Compo

Second compo

And here we go for the second big compo!
This compo will be the same as the first one, it'll just be better organized. :)

The rules for this compo are:

  • Use the MT2 file format (of course)
  • Be original
  • File limit is 16 MB compressed (in ZIP or RAR format)
  • One entry per person

You are strongly recommended to read the guidelines to make a successful entry.

The deadline is on the 14th of February 2003. From this date, no more entry will be accepted. The entries will be reviewed and the results will be published on the 14th of March 2003.


no.1 instruments tracked worx 2k vocal construction kit East
  • 1 x ST Audio DSP24 MEDIA 7.1 24bit/96kHz multichannel PCI soundcard + external MEDIA 7.1 interface unit in 9,5" format, sponsored by RIDI Multimedia, Germany
  • 3 x no.1 instruments (courtesy of MAZ)
  • 3 x tracked worx 2k (courtesy of MAZ)
  • 3 x vocal construction kit (courtesy of MAZ and x-pert Media)
  • 10 x East (courtesy of Ashmore)
  • Hmmmm... I think that's all. :)

Sponsorized by:
RIDI Multimedia MAZ Sound Tools Ashmore


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