MadTracker Compo 2005

MadTracker Compo 2005

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Time has come for the 4th big competition to take place at! You have amazed us and the audience last year with your quality entries. We hope you will be as many and as talented as last year to compete - if not more!

This 4th competition is a unique event since it will be the first tracking competition ever to allow the use of VST plugins. To celebrate this, we have found some very respectable producers of VST plugins who have donated some of this year's prizes. You can read further below to find out more about the prizes and rules of the MadTracker Compo 2005.

  1. Sponsors
  2. Prizes
  3. Rules
  4. Allowed VST Plugins
  5. Deadline

1. Sponsors

SuperWave Ohm Force
Atlantean Records MAZ Sound Tools

2. Prizes


VST Plugins

Sample CDs

AKG K271 Studio

The winner will be allowed to pick 4 prizes of his/her choice from the list above.
The second and third can respectively pick 3 and 2 prizes.
Lower places can choose one prize from the remaining ones.

Extra Prizes

  • The 3 top entries will be mastered by Atlantean Records
  • MadTracker stickers
  • MadTracker licences

3. Rules

  • Use the MT2 file format
  • Only one entry per person will be allowed
  • Do not use copyrighted material in your MT2 file (in other words: no rip or remix)
  • Be original
  • File size limit is 50 MB compressed (in ZIP or RAR format)
  • The volume level must be optimized for a gain set to 4 (default setting)
  • You may use any of the allowed VST plugins (see next section).
    You cannot use any other plugin or your entry will be disqualified.
    Note: You still can use samples of course. And you do not have to use VST plugins.
Read the producing guide to make a successful entry.
Only put your MT2 file in your archive when you submit your entry. Any other file will be deleted from the archive. If you want to write a message, do it in the MT2 song comments.
You can add a cover (preferably squared) in your MT2 file. You can do so in the song parameters window.

4. Allowed VST Plugins

5. Deadline

You have to submit your entry before the 15th of January 2006.

If you have any question regarding the rules, the prizes or the general organisation of this competition, please contact us or use the forum.

Good luck!

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