MadTracker Remix Compo 2007

MadTracker Remix Compo 2007

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This year will start with a fun remix compo! It will also be a free compo without as much restrictions as the previous ones.

The original track (La Chanson des Paysans) is a very old track that I made with a friend back in the Madhouse days. That track had quite a local success. :) I'm persuaded that this track didn't receive the fame and success it deserved. So now I would really like you all to remix it in order to give it a second life and make some astonishing piece of music out of it!

You are free to remix it how you like in the genre you like. Trance, dance, soul, rap, rock, metal, reggae, whatever!

 Download the original track
 Download the samplepack
  1. Rules
  2. Deadline

1. Rules

  • Use the MT2 or Ogg file format
  • Only one entry per person will be allowed
  • Do not use copyrighted material in your composition (in other words: no rip or remix) other than those provided in the original track and in the samplepack
  • Be original
  • File size limit is 50 MB compressed (in ZIP or RAR format)
  • For the MT2 file, the volume level must be optimized for a gain set to 4 (default setting)
  • If you provide a MT2 file, please use only freely available VST plugins. Otherwise, only provide the Ogg export.
Read the producing guide to make a successful entry.
Only put your MT2 and/or Ogg file in your archive when you submit your entry. Any other file will be deleted from the archive. If you want to write a message, do it in the MT2 song comments.
You can add a cover (preferably squared) in your MT2 file. You can do so in the song parameters window.

2. Deadline

You have to submit your entry before the 1st of May 2007.

If you have any question regarding the rules or the general organisation of this competition, please contact us or use the forum.

Good luck!

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