Forum - summary of bugs with MIDI. HElp Yannick?
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 summary of bugs with MIDI. HElp Yannick?
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Have anyone got some bugfixes AFTER release of MadTracker 2.6.1 and until year 2012?
yes, but I have moved on other programs
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none yet for 2.6.1, never heard, giving up!
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no bugfixes 2.6.1, but I am still hoping
 100%  [ 2 ]
yes I saw for 2.6.1, but theres still lot to do
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 17 2012 19:56    
summary of bugs with MIDI. HElp Yannick?
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1. The MT2.6.1. does not send NOTE OFF messages when stopping the pattern/song.
how to make that situation to happen:
* make a pattern with long chords. assign the instrument to MIDI output port.
* start the pattern play.
* just after the notes were sent, stop the pattern. It has to be just BEFORE you reach to "key off" messages in the pattern.
RESULT: notes are still hanging, to kill them, have to press panic button EVERY TIME you stop the pattern.

2. The MT2.6.1 records "key off" messages in the wrong track while recording notes from MIDI port and in keyjazz mode in several tracks.

How to make it:
* select atleast 4 tracks to record, keyjazz mode on. live recording pattern.
* play so: one full beat note, while playing four 1/8 note chords

Result is rather messy than musical and playback does not sound at all whats actually was played on keyboard. Screenpicture is so that the note off message does not go back to its where was the key actually released. SO, one track may get occassionally 2 "key-off" notes, and one track none.

The result is the same even with 2 or 3 tracks for record selected.

Its always the same whatever which hardware midi equipment you use.

I actually asked for these 2 things several years ago the bugfix. none so far from Yannick.
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