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Genre:Electronic, Abstract
Comment:Completly made using vst synth´s.
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inge:   Very good

w00t! Orbital is back! I immediately went crying, jacked Snivilisation and Insides out of my cd-tray, and listened them again. Abend namely is very strongly influenced by the mid-90's elektro-ambient style of music as presented by the old Plaid, Orbital, and The Orb. It does so while keeping in mind that it's the 2005's that we're living in, and makes excellent usage of VST instruments and effects, pattern envelopes, and MadTracker's playback sound quality.

What this means in reality? That Abend combines excellent melodies, seemless layering of different samples, and excitings contrast between 'cold' beats and 'warm' synthesizers. It resembles Qbical's work concerning transparancy of sound, has a distinct own character, and beautiful melodies.

Oh, what the heck. I'll just admit it: I wish I made this song.

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