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Inge:   Good

Trance is not my thing, but this melody certainly is. It needs some more sharpening (it's too sweet now, and needs stronger and more gripping character). The filters work, but you could try a more aggressive bassline (the original Ferry Corsten remix of Barber's adagio for strings had a loooooooovely bassline) or a more 'get you by the throat and push your head in the sound' lead synth. A short vocal thing (such as the 'wow!' in Push - Universal Nation) could also help giving more character.

Furthermore, the drums need more drive. Make a strong bassdrum - closed/open hihat - clap - additional percussion combo to give it a nice and energetic flow.

Ergo: you got a lovely feeling for melody, but need to show more character.

Inge (who definately isn't sure about how suitable the transposition at the end of the tune is)

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