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Title:Too late...
Genre:Ambient, Experimental
Comment:Everytime, same shit. Deadline cought me...
Size:2200 KB

Inge:   Very good

-pOWL! is my new hero. I was already convinced after Abend (, but Too Late... is again great work. -pOWL! has the distinct quality to pick out great samples to create contrasts between warm pads and cold oneshots, layer these on top of interesting electro beats, and finish the total sound with very nice vocals that are both soothing as sharp.

Too Late... combines vibes and sounds from Orbital, Chicane, Fischerspooner and Ladytron, without giving away a distinct own character. The actual mt2 shows that great music doesn't depend on difficult coding: there's only 14 tracks, and a bare minimum of codes. The conclusion of my last review can be stated here again: I wish I made this song myself. If there is a full length album of this work, then I would buy it. Period.

P.S.: the .ogg version of this song can be found at

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