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Title:Ghost's Smile
Comment:This is my first song in breakbeat style. Enjoy it!
Size:500 KB

snarkle:   Good

I'm not a fan of this type of music particularly, but I can appreciate the skill that went into this. For one thing, I like the use of VST instruments, which actually enhance the track as opposed to being there because the creator could not find the right samples. Drum programming is top notch. Any one who finds it difficult to program good drums will have something to learn from this track.
As I'm not really into this type of music (I don't know why, really - just other styles I prefer), I still thought this was pretty good, and there's defintely a few things I could learn from it tracking wise. A quality module.

LorD Pichi:   Very good

I think this is a very good song, i love the rhythm and there is also a high cuantity of creativity in this song.
The autor seems to have a great potential to create this kind of music.
By the way the song`s title is very good too.

Vamjad:   Very good

I think it's one of the best mt2 songs in breakbeat there are in

My opinion is similar than "snarkle", because beats are really impressive. The sounds with "Superwave" VST (like the melody and the "bass melody") "enhance the track" (like says snarkle).
I think the author is as good mixing track as mixing beats.
Very good mt2.

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