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Title:521 voices (of eternity)
Author:SZ1 / Project521
Size:404 KB

D'mitri:   Average

I like this tune. Only two problems I may have had was that one of the percussion sounds were a little too low. Also the melody was a little repetitive, but it is called eternity.... Overall a good trancy melodic tune.

Mastema:   Good

this is a prime example of a tracked tune.
technically everything is great everything fits in place as far as notes go but...

i find all of the sounds for the most part to be either one sided or a little raspy.
listening to it in head phones i heard lots of left but not enough right.

on my full system i found it to be low in quality of the samples.

i loved the oldskool sounding synth atmosphere sounds nice. around a minute and a half the effect ruled this sample to the point of distortion which could be easily fixed.

i keep reviewing tracks like this and this is the first time i will say anything about it.
i know i do it too but hey we're trackers and use what we can find but i wish we didn't have to say that.
the sample quality in most of these tracks is in my opinion left to the mediocre.

i want to know how Qbical and Inge (Quinone)and the rest of the top trackers here get there samples so clean sounding.

we could all learn from these guys.

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