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Title:Across Your Mind
Genre:Trance, Progressive Trance
Comment:I believe that it is the most complete and amazing music theme
Size:412 KB

Sunbuster:   Can do better

I wouldn't call this progressive trance. It's just pure basic trance. It's a nice tune, but it somehow fails to give that final blow. It feels a bit empty. Maybe some more fx on various parts of the track would do the trick. Or some underlying melody added. I'd try to experiment with that.
Another thing is that this by no means is a very revolutional tune. Sure, as I said, it's nice, but it's like: "I've heard this before". It has all the basic elements of trance (Basic drums, sinewave, high-energy string, the usual build-ups, fade outs etc.),
but it lacks to give more.

On the more techical aspect, mt-effects have been used, but...well, they have been used. I just feel that a bit more tweaking could have been done here. As it is now, they've just been activated.
The only place you can see that some tweaking has occured is the flange, all other are at their default setting. Nothing wrong with keeping them at their default if it works. But in this case, since all settings are at their exact default, for me it just somehow indicates that you haven't even tried some other setting to see if they would work better.
But, since every delay is at their default, here comes the best optimisation tip you can get. It saves up alot of processor power, and the peeps with slower machines will thank you for using it :p Instead of activating the effect separately on every channel, dedicate one channel at the end of the line (channel 31 for instance) to the effect, and then route
all the other channels that use that effect to the same channel. If you don't know how to do this, Beatmax' tutorial can be of use. Check under links on this site to find it.

Sample quality is very varying. Mostly ok, but the percussions especially could have been of better quality. They sound a bit muffled IMO.

All in all a good effort. The musical talent is clearly in you. You just need to spend more time on learning the tricks of the program, and also in general more on tweaking of the tune. Keep it up and I'm sure I'll some day rate a song of yours to Very good. This time though, I feel you Can do better. :)


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