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Genre:Industrial, Hardcore
Comment:Industrial Hardcore 150bpm
Size:3 KB

SlicerXXL:   Good

To be honest I am not really a hardcore fan, but this piece of music really sounds like the type of music a girlfriend of mine listens to. :) Unfortunately, this song is composed with a lot distortion. An awful lot. Often I can't even listen to the idea because my speakers can't handle (ok ok.. they were not very expensive) the distortion. So.. Try to listen to this song on several different soundsystems and tune this one until it sounds great on all of them. And of course: reduce some of the distortion a bit :). (Hint: use BBE Sonic maximizer to finish this song).

LowDef:   Very good

Wow!!! This is the first REAL HARDCORE track I ever heard on PC! The samples are just prefect. And the bass, man, that's nice!

Also the automation, perfectly used, especially in the intro... such depth all at once!

Dude, are you from Holland, and an oldskool Gabber? It really sounds like that, namely.

Elijah:   Good

ok tried the hardcore and i think this song is quite good.
my favorite parts are at about 2:00 loved the beat that dropped in there and i also liked the dream trance melody that dropped in at about.. 3:40 ya good times. as for the hard core bass drum... thats such a rough bass.. dont know how i feel about the instrument #4 (sound effect) but hey..
i guess it adds to it... anyway overall rating i like it and i could probably stand to listen to in a COUPLE more times ;)

Lee'O of PsiMAX:   Good

The basses in this tune - also the used basic drums (basedrums) - are very well selected and switched (changed). I must assume that i never used the automation as much as this dudes does. I like distortion and this is a perfect example of correct use, i think. Well, melody "strikes back" - this one is really unpleasant and "deplatziert". But, if you dare to say you like hardcore techno, you should get this one really quick!


Jason:   Very good

I liked this song. Cool beat!

Abel :   Very good

Good job!
I like this track :)
A hint:

May be you can change the kick, or give it more distortion.

But i still like it.

Greetz, Abel

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