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Title:Miles of Tiles
Author:Peter Toth
Genre:Electronic, Dance
Comment:Named after a tile shop in town...
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Snarkle:   Can do better

This tune is very reminicent of Another Worlds by Eternal Engine and I think this module has borrowed a few samples from that tune.
There's some tuning issues here; the piano lead melody doesn't sound in tune. I put up the pitch up on the piano to +28 and that improved things a bit, but still there sounds as if there are tuning issues with some of the other samples too.
Also, the 'Quick Bass' is too quiet. It sounds better a lot louder.


Kev:   Very good

I listened to this tune and I have to say it's pretty good.

Not hard nor soft, just right, and it's similar to some of DJ Quicksilvers work.

Very good

Mastema:   Good

Dude seriously i wish i could use a sampled piano like you can.
however in pattern 2F there is a delay on one of the samples that seems to augment the pitch that if it was changed to go down in pitch instead of up would sound better however it might be that i find there to be just too much delay on it.
i also felt like there could have been a little more variation in the percussion even if the track is classified as a dance track... but that's just me.

overall out of all the tracks i just listened to by you i like this one the most.

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