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Title:Reaching the Stars
Author:Peter Toth
Genre:Electronic, New Wave
Comment:Mum named the song...
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Snarkle:   Can do better

Um ...

This isn't bad exactly, but I have to say it kind of bored me. It has a very dated sound - kind of late 80s early 90s. The bassline sample you're using is just terrible - replace that and maybe you've made the song better by 50%!! Generally the song is well done for the style you're working in - no criticism there - but there's a real lack of imagination and creativity in this song ...

The other thing - well it relates it to bass in some ways - is that the sound is very much treble dominated. Admittedly, I'm using a very cheap pair of multimedia speakers, so my opinion could be wrong. Try and explore with some sounds an octave or two lower and see how it sounds.

There are some good aspects to the song, though. As mentioned, for the style you're working in, it's pretty good. There would have been lots of documentaries or low budget TV shows made 15 years ago with music just like this. The instrumentation is appropriate, and I like the sort of fast echo on the snare. The pan flute sounds good technically and fits well ... but .. well, it's a bit of cliched choice. =) The reverbed pads do sound quite nice too and have an appropriately spacey feel to them, but don't always stand up so well on their own.


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