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Title:Colonization - Bonny Morn
Author:Snake Plissken
Genre:Game Soundtracks, Baroque
Comment:Colonization Amiga version song remix
Size:491 KB

QBical:   Average

Ow, I have so many good memory's of this game, Colonisation...

The music was so good, for the time that is, my midi chip made overtime those day's playing the the tracks from the game.

and now we have this Madtracker mix!

First of all I want to say that you tracked it all acording to the original I can't find any flaws.
Except maybe a bit slow portamento on the acordion sometimes.


This tune is good as an 'port' from midi to Madtracker, but I would realy like to see some 'enhancements' to the original, the melody fits great for an ambient track, or some realy slow chill-out lounge. Now it's all the same as the original, and that doesn't realy let you excel in orginality.

So, just add some more depth in it by using some strings or synths, add some more effects to spice things up, and this tune will be Very Good in no time!
You have the skills!

For all of you who never played Colonization before ( shame on you :) ) download it asap!
hearing this tune made me play it again!

Raymond van Baal
aka QBical

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