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Title:MindFuck Co
Genre:Jazz, Experimental Classical
Comment:The genre is quite hard to describe
Size:3330 KB

QBical:   Good

Some real good programming and sample choices here in this track!
Although no real meoldy is in it, but that's the style of th track, since it's filed under jazz/expirimental classical...

Well, off with the review...

I must say that this realy is a good track but I've rated it 'good' because there where some things preventing me from giving a 'very' adition to the rating...

- The Drums
it's a nice drumkit multi sample with some snare roll''s in it to make things intresting. But the mixing is IMHO just terrible...
Since all the melody parts are dripping in verb it's realy anoying to find all percussion dry...
A bit of verb on the snare would have made things more intressting and a verb on the hat's would do more good then wrong either...

You've used the 9x command good on the ride cymbal, but when I'm drumming ( I'm a drummer hence the big comment on the drums :D ) I never succeed in hitting the bell on the same spot over and over. Thus I never achieve the same sound. This doesn't realy creates a change in volume ( witch you're trying to recreate with the 9x command ) but it rather creates another sound in terms of pitch and additional vubrations from the rest of the cymbal...

Same go's with the snare sound, especialy in the metal parts.

these things realy made parts of the track realy repetive, the same ping over and over ;)

But short of the parts above this realy isn't a bad track!

keep it up!


Elijah:   Average

ok i REALLY dont know what to say about this one. i didnt particularily enjoy it. mainly because i dont particularily enjoy jazz.. im not all about the clash of notes... but i DID really like the part where everything dropped out except the single piano and strings at about 3:15ish it was really well coordinated..
i also like patterns 1e and on i have to say i enjoyed listening to the rest. i really was able to get into a groove.
a LOT of transition in this song makes for a very enjoyable tune at times.

but then madtracker crashed so... i enjoyed certain aspects of this song but didnt like certain parts as well.

your piano samples are very nice and clear drum patterns get a little repetative .

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