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Title:Opus #2: Stuck Inside
Author:Paul Hardwick
Genre:Mood Music, Piano
Comment:Ever been stuck inside?
Size:2150 KB

andy:   Good

i think this track is quite good. ive listened a few times and like the melodies, the strings in particular sound really nice.
i think around pattern 14 the melodies are good but the sound is a little bit busy.

there are a couple of problems with the production though which i sorted when i was listening to it. the choir sample (0F) is really bad with loads of white noise (reduce the cutoff on the instrument, or use an eq vst to get rid of it).
the thunder noise is a little cheesy, but other than that the track is good, the strings in particular. nice work.



Snarkle:   Good

The melodies used in this are well done, as well as the chords. The song flows well from pattern to pattern. The transition around pattern E to F works particularly well and is quite dramatic. I also like the bass sample used through out. No reverb at all is used. This is partly understandable because the samples themselves have reverb anyway, but still, adding slight overall reverb in Madtracker will make it sound better in my opinion.
Two piano notes are used, both in separate channels so that the notes don't cut each other off. At first I thought this was because the composer didn't know about New Note Actions, but then I realised that one of the channels had a very slight low boost EQ setting. I can only guess that this was used to give the pianos a less mechanical feel, ie; when two of the same notes play, they won't sound identical. Clever, I thought; but then I noticed that both channels were identical in volume. I thought that strange because if they were at slightly at different volumes, this would've decreased the mechanicalness even further.
When you listen to the music with headphones, the choirs sound quite noisy in the beginning when there are aren't many other instruments playing with them. If you roll of some of the top end using the EQ setting, this will fix the problem.
Also, the composer might consider the use of some distorted guitar in this type of music. It's a bit cliched, but can work well.
Overall: nice work, with some feeling behind it. Will keep an eye out for any future modules this composer makes.

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