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Title:Shit floating in space
Genre:Drum N' Bass, Piano
Size:7790 KB

mikx:   Good

i have a feeling this is vfgdfg's experiment into furthermore experimental drum and bass / breaks?

well, in any case, this is a chilled out laid back track with very interesting drum programming, dreamy synth chords and a cool piano..

all the chords sound sweet, and the piano line is very neatly written, supporting a lovely bassline. (awesome sounding piano instument, too!)

the snare is also a very nice element as it sounds dry, short and a tiny bit punchy. in fact, the drums are quite well arranged i think.

looking for downside? the track has no real beginning or ending; its just a looped mt2. but then again, if you're smokin weed and chilling, an endless track to relax with can be a benefit..

also, my first impression was that it just doesn't the deepness that it should. perhaps some other, more ambient elements could be implemented, or simply use of more effects.. a long, warm sounding reverb maybe?

overall, i'd give it a 7/10, mainly for its chillage factor, and i like chilled music!


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