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Genre:Mood Music, Strings
Size:300 KB

Glen:   Average

This song works very slowly. In my opinion it could use a bunch of crispy and punchy embellishments to make it good. The low choir/strings are so repetitive. There are parts that sound "off" but that is not as significant. I think it is a good start and with some added items it would be cool perhaps. For now though, it is boring.

Smash:   Bad

Uninspired tribal-come egyptian/turkish feel with a hints of dischord. Majorly dissapointing with many possibilities for improvements like better, crisper samples, excluding the fequency aliased and quantized low strings at the end, I liked them, gives it that crunched and dated feel (unusually fitting distortion)!

Overall 3/10 for ease of listening, it leaves you anxious (and more so frustrated in eager anticipation) for want of improvements in overall sample quality, arrangement of panning and application of highly moderated track effects.

Could do with a bit more soul and feeling, if I could describe how alive it felt, I would say it was eaqual to a brior patch (Star Trek and traditionally speaking). Shame...

Don Bracheeno:   Very good

Woah, what a debut from Hoplite. This track has everything you could want from a aztec type song. Very atmospheric melodies and sample choice fits right in to create the perfect mood. I cant wait to hear Hoplite's other tunes. Highly recommended.

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